5 Ways to make planners fun!

It’s no secret that our world has become screen addicted. From entertainment to education to communication, modern society has adjusted to an e-lifestyle. Despite our instinct to pick up our devices for every task, a growing need for physical tools that let people “digitally detox” from their devices, like pen and paper products has surged…

One of the best parts about owning a paper planner is the customization aspect. While digital planners get to the meat of the matter, you can go so much further than just writing in your deadlines and appointments for the week. Your planner is an extension of you, and it should reflect you just as much. Check out these five fun ways to make the most of your paper planner.

  1. Have an “___ of the Week” for Each Week

If you’re someone with a rather consistent schedule, adding things to your planner can be run-of-the-mill. Make your planner a fun space for you by adding something “of the Week” to each week. Whether this is your “Song of the Week,” “Recipe of the Week,” or even “Book of the Week,” these are an easy way to add a fun goal at the start of your week, or just to recount a favorite thing from your week.

For example, perhaps you can’t start your day without coffee. If the barista at your favorite coffee shop knows your order by heart, try switching things up this week with a new latte or two. On each week you’re feeling inspired, you could write “Coffee of the Week:” in the header or notes section and write in a new coffee you’ve been wanting to try. Whether it’s a lavender latte or a blonde flat white, you’ll have an exciting (and delicious) task to look forward to for your morning.

2. Add in Pictures from Fun Memories

When you first get your planner, you’re thinking of the future and what you’re looking forward to doing. By the time your planner is finished, it’s a time capsule of memories from the past. Make your planner something to look back on and double it as a scrapbook by putting in photos or other keepsakes from fun days throughout the year.

You can go even further by using fun tape, stickers, and adding little captions to each photo or keepsake to make it look beautiful. You’ll be able to keep your planners from each year and look back on them to relish in the big and little moments of the year. You can look back on that awesome road trip you took in July, and you can look back at that random Wednesday night in with friends.

3. Gratitude Journaling in the Margins

When days get tough, it’s important to reflect on the things that are most important and to ground yourself in gratitude. No matter how big or small, keeping a gratitude list in your planner can really improve your mood and self-esteem. You do a daily, weekly, or monthly list, or whatever timespan makes sense for you. Some planners already have a built-in gratitude section, so choose the planner that will best allow you to have the most positive, valuable experience.

4. Create Little Icons for Events and Tasks

While scheduling necessary tasks like dentist appointments, oil changes, and bill due dates is important, it’s not always what we look forward to. Make these tasks fun by incorporating little icons for each task, either drawn or with stickers.

For example, you could draw a tooth picture next to the date of your dentist appointment, or a dollar sign next to the date that rent is due. You could also print out sticker templates meant for planners to get a seamless, visually appealing look to your planner.

5. Color Code Your Tasks

If you’re a visual learner, planners are a great way to view your to-dos in an organized, laid out way. To go beyond just writing out your day or week, you can color code your different tasks to make it even more visually appealing and helpful. For example, work-related tasks could be red while birthdays could yellow and travel could be green. This allows you to get creative with your planner while still maintaining organization at the forefront.

Your planner represents every aspect of your life. Everyone has their own story to tell and your planner is the perfect place to showcase that. Find a planner that not only caters to your needs and makes you feel the most productive, but helps you shape your story and inspires you to take on the day.