Your Planner is Fluid, Not Set in Stone

When trying to find a planner, there’s only one type of content you’ll see when you search: perfection. The photos featuring beautiful handwriting and expertly placed stickers fill your feed. The aesthetically pleasing videos of influencers writing out the perfect week with pastel highlighters show up. While these are enjoyable to view, and great to reference for inspiration, they’re not always a realistic representation of the average planner owner.

For many people, having a paper planner means there is no room for error. Writing something down on a physical planner can seem more intimidating than writing it on a digital planner, as mistakes become noticeable. Much like how every planner owner is unique, their plans are too. No two schedules will ever look the same, and no two planners are the same either.

With this, there is one thing in common with everyone’s plans: they change! Even if you have your entire week listed out, something is bound to come up. If you feel overwhelmed using a physical planner, give yourself permission to add some color to your planner pages. Don’t be afraid to get messy: cross things out, write those symbols only you would understand, take a quick note in the corner. The primary purpose of a planner is to be a helpful tool, not a piece of décor. When you allow yourself to use your planner like it is everchanging, you’ll find yourself much to be much more organized.